What is Loan Repayment?

When you obtain a loan from a lender, the lender gives you money, known as the principal and then adds interest. The loan is repaid over a certain period of time—usually months or years—and you increase interest over time along the way, increasing your overall debt.

Over the course of the loan, your monthly loan instalments will normally be divided into equal payments. The type of loan you choose determines how your payments are calculated.

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How Does Loan Repayment Calculator Work?

Knowing the sort of loan is the first step in comprehending the calculations for your monthly (or different repayment frequency) repayments. This will make it easier for you to understand the repayment plan. You can properly understand the calculations for loan repayment when you are determined the type of loan – amortising loans or interest-only loans.

Our loan repayment calculator is already pre-fed with a formula that can help you estimate the repayments according to the information (interest rate per annum, principal amount, etc.) you process.

The Most Common Types of Loans


Amortising a debt means paying back the principal as well as the interest over a predetermined time. Say you have a five-year auto loan plan and start off making 25% monthly payments toward the principal and 75% monthly instalments to pay off the interest.

Over the course of the loan, the amount you pay in interest and principal varies, but your monthly payment amount stays the same.


With interest-only loans, you just have to make interest payments in the beginning.


As long as you make your payments on time, a credit card gives you access to a line of credit that functions as a revolving loan. You’ll probably be charged interest if you’re late with your monthly payments and carry the balance over to the next month.

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How to Pay Less Interest on Your Loan?

By paying reduced interest rates, you can save a lot of money. But, the next concern is how.

  • Look for small financial institutions
  • Finish off the current debt
  • Switch to auto-debit
  • Enhancing the credit score

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How Our Loan Repayment Calculator Can Help You?

Knowing what your potential monthly (or fortnightly or weekly) repayments are enables you to determine whether you can afford the loan and how much it will cost you overall over the course of the loan. With the aid of our loan repayment calculator, you can estimate your potential monthly repayment amounts and analyse the costs associated with borrowing money.

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