Buying a house is one of the most significant decisions you can make. But how do you decide how much you will pay upfront, and what will be your monthly mortgage payment? How much to spend and what to avoid are two big unknowns. When it comes to online mortgage calculators, they often fall short by using approximations and means for numbers that can make a difference in your finances. 

To get an accurate cost of a house, you need to do a bit of research. To calculate the price of a home you can afford, we consider a few vital things, such as household income, monthly debts, and available savings for a down payment.

What is the Purchase Price? 

This is the most straightforward part. If you get an accepted offer on the house, then you’ll directly know its worth. However, if you have a home in mind that you are willing to buy, you can use the market price to start calculating the cost of the house at present. The previous purchase price will determine every calculation.

Plan your down payment

The down payment has a significant impact on interest rates. You can put down less money if you want a 20% down payment. Determine the amount of money you have saved to put down. As a home buyer, you want to be able to understand your mortgage payments. Your income and monthly debts may be okay, but unexpected expenses can negatively affect your savings. You should have at least three months of savings, including your housing payment and other debts. This can ensure that you will be able to manage your mortgage payment if there is an unexpected event.

Research interest rates

It’s important to know if it is an excellent time to be a buyer. We must know if interest rates are high or low. If they are low, then it’s a fantastic time for buyers. Your interest rate is dependent on several factors, including your credit score, type of loan, and how much down payment you are willing to make. 

Get a suitable loan type

There are various kinds of home loans. The most common one is the one with a fixed rate of 30 years. However, there are also adjustable rates, like Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and Department of Veteran Affairs program (VA) loans. Ask the mortgage lender about the types of loans and rates they offer. You might be able to get a VA loan if you have a military connection. Mortgages under the VA program don’t need a down payment. 

At APW Finance, we help clients find hidden costs of buying a house and other finance and mortgage-related solutions. We provide a variety of products to meet each borrower’s requirements and simplify their home buying journey, thanks to the financial tools we offer.

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