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A firm and a financial institution, like a bank, enter into a debt-based funding agreement known as a commercial loan. Typically, it is used to finance sizable capital investments and/or pay for operational expenses that the business might not otherwise be able to afford.

Our highly qualified brokers are here to help, whether you’re dealing with several properties that need a land loan and/or a construction loan or looking to start a new venture, such as a hotel purchase.

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Types of Commercial Loans

Term Loan

A term loan features a fixed or variable interest rate, few restrictions on the usage of the money and a set loan term for repayment.


Business line of credit

Business line of credit is frequently contrasted with credit cards. Though they function similarly, lines of credit offer larger funding quantities and cheaper interest rates. Furthermore, this funding option is quite adaptable.

Commercial Construction Loans

A mortgage on a piece of property is comparable to a commercial construction loan. The distinction is that a construction loan is intended to pay for the planning and construction of a new project.

If you have a concept for a new owner-occupied office space, a business centre, or a sizable multi-family real estate project, a commercial construction loan would be the tool to make it happen from scratch.

What is Commercial Real Estate Interest Rate?

When providing money to companies or investors to buy, build, or refinance a commercial property, banks or other lenders will impose commercial real estate interest rates.

Because there are frequently greater risks involved in lending money for business reasons than for residential ones, the interest rate on a commercial loan is normally higher than the interest rate on a home mortgage.

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    Key Questions to Ask Yourself

    ● Have you assessed your past financial performance?
    ● Have you examined your financial background and total debt load?
    ● Have you researched your rivals?
    ● Will you use the loan to buy tangible assets (such as equipment, vehicles, etc.)?

    Starting Point of Business Loan Application

    ● Appraisal reports or estimates for machinery, vehicles, and other items of equipment.
    ● Agreement for the sale of commercial real estate.
    ● Valuation reports for any private possessions (assets or property) pledged as
    collateral for a loan.
    ● Business strategy and financial forecasts, along with a market and competitor
    ● Records of personal finances from the two most recent financial reporting years.

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    Acquire Excellence with APW Finance

    If your new business has an effective business plan and projections, you may be able to borrow cash flow from some banks for greater commercial finance to be employed in real estate development or on a larger business venture.

    We can help both businesses seeking to buy commercial property and individuals who desire to invest in commercial real estate. Commercial lenders with different risk thresholds and alternative document options are available to us.

    Every state and territory in Australia is home to our extensive network of highly qualified brokers who are available to assist you with your borrowing needs.

    Check Out Our Loan Repayment Calculator

    At APW Finance, we have come up with a simple mortgage calculator that figures out total costs, interest payments, and monthly payments. There are options for monthly, fortnightly, weekly, and interest-only instalments.

    Now, you can estimate the results, from the potential borrowing amount to the estimation of repayments, without the guessing work.

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