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Can There Be More Than One Offset Account?

An offset account is a transaction or savings account that is linked to a home loan, and thebalance in the account is used to decrease the interest payable on the home loan. Theinterest payable on the home loan is calculated on the difference between the home loanbalance and the offset account balance. In Australia, many […]

Professional Mortgage Loan

Professional Mortgage Loan: What is It?

The professional mortgage loan overcomes the challenges several youngprofessionals face, including crucial student and personal loan indebtedness, higherpaying position, limited down payment availability, and in numerous situations anurge to close on a new house before their prices hike up. These programs let high-earning professionals secure home financing with lesserrestrictions than standard home loans. These loans […]

FHA Loan

How And Why Would A House Not Be Eligible For An FHA Loan?

People facing tough financial times often resort to loans offered by the FHA or Federal Housing Administration. These loans remain the silver lining for people experiencing bitter economic hardships. These loans are provided with several benefits, particularly the low down payments (lesser than 3.5%). These flexible criteria are offered to borrowers with some credit challenges […]

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For First-time Home Purchasers, Which Loan Is Best?

Buying your first home is the most eventful chapter of your life. You have reached a few career milestones, made good choices and finally reached the point where you can purchase a house. The intention of buying a house can be living in your property or investing in real estate. Either way, you need to […]


What Does it Cost to Move a Home?

When you plan on moving to a new home, there are substantial expenses that incur during the process and is undoubtedly one of life’s most stressful times, regardless of the type of home. That’s why it is better to plan and determine a budget before you start unrolling the packing tape. Deposit The deposit you […]